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Admitted in 1984, the Ameraucana breed is one of the newer breeds accepted by the American Poultry Association and the American Bantam Association. Available in both large fowl and bantam, this breed is a nice duel purpose bird suitable for many situations. Ameraucanas are easy keepers, alert foragers and nice layers of blue eggs, with a sweet temperament to work with. Ameraucana breeders find that these birds with their pea combs do well in some of the more severe climates in the country.

The gene for blue egg color is dominate. This creates some ongoing issues when blue egg laying breeds are crossed with other breeds. Birds carrying the blue egg color gene are often sold erroneously as Ameraucanas or Araucanas. This results all to often in heartbreak when young people find their birds disqualified at shows for lacking the required breed characteristics.

John Blehm, a veteran Ameraucana breeder addresses the issue:

"Aren't Ameraucana, Araucana, and Easter Egg chickens the same?

No. Ameraucana (often misspelled "Americana") and Araucana chickens are both relatively new breeds and both lay blue eggs. They are different breeds with different characteristics that are defined in the APA and ABA standards. Easter Egg Chickens are not a "Standard" breed. They are mixed breeds (aka mutts or barnyard chickens) that happen to posses the gene for blue eggs.

How do I know I'm really getting Ameraucana chickens?

If they are advertised as Americana, Americauna, Ameraucana/Araucana or Easter Egg chickens, you can be sure they aren't the real thing. If they can't get the name right, they don't know what they have. Also beware of the fine print that says their chickens "are recommended for egg laying color and not for exhibition" or "Our flock is multi-colored with a wide range of colors and feather patterns" or "**Breeds marked this way are production strains and Should Not be used for 4-H". Those disclaimers and similar ones mean they are selling mutts, not Ameraucanas. Many hatcheries, both big and small, will sell anything that doesn't lay a white or brown egg as an Ameraucana or Araucana. Educate yourself about Ameraucanas before you buy."
(The above quote by John Blehm is from the Q&A section of his web site.)

Ameraucanas are recognized by the APA and ABA in eight varieties: White, Buff, Black, Blue, Silver, Wheaten, Blue Wheaten and Brown Red.

While we've enjoyed working with other varieties, we're now focusing exclusively on the Blue, Black and Splash varieties. See our genetics page for additional Ameraucana photos and information about the blue genetics.

Ameraucana hatching eggs, chicks and breeding stock (Continental United States only)

Hatching Eggs,

when available, can be shipped in the spring and fall. Eggs are 30.00 a dozen plus shipping. Eggs are individually bubble wrapped and sent Priority mail.

We offer chicks in the spring only. Chicks are sold straight run (unsexed) and are 6.00 each plus shipping. Chicks are sold in orders of 25, (sometimes 20 in late spring).

*chick availability is limited and orders are scheduled upon receipt of payment so order early.

Adult Breeding Stock: When available we offer adult breeding stock for sale. Breeding stock birds generally run 30.00 each plus shipping and box costs.

To recieve a detailed information form please e-mail us.

 BlACK COCK - Best of Breed APA/ABA National Stockton CA BlACK COCK
Best of Breed
APA/ABA National
Stockton CA
Rsv AOSB Class, Best of Breed   Blue cockerel
Best of Breed
Champion AOSB Class, 2003 WFF Winter Show
Blue Ameraucana cock&hens
in a breeding pen
Ameraucana eggs
Ameraucana eggs
Blue hen Best of Breed
2004 Ameraucana Breeders Club WA State Meet Best of Breed- LF Ameraucana, Rsv AOSB
 Black Amereucana cockerel
Best of Breed, Rsv Ch AOSB 2005 NW National
Best of Breed, Ch AOSB Class 2005 Cascade Spring Show

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